Brunch at the Crescent Moon! Every Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm. Featuring Bottomless Mimosas, Biscuit Sandwiches, Biscuits & Gravy and more!

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  • All sandwiches are served with a side of tots. Smother your tots with sausage gravy and shredded cheese for 1.50.
    • Breakfast Tachos: Tots topped with scrambled eggs and sausage, covered in Queso cheese sauce, sprinkled with fresh Pico de Gallo. 8.99 like it spicy? ask for jalapenos .49
    • Breakfast Pizza: 12 inch thin crust with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon crumbles, green pepper, onion and mozzarella cheese. 9.99
    • Reuben Biscuit: Jumbo biscuit with tender chunks of corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, thousand island, topped off with an over easy egg served with a side of tots. 8.99
    • Breakfast Burrito: Large flour tortilla stuffed with sausage, diced onions, green peppers, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, tater tots and queso. 8.99
    • The Classic: A jumbo fresh baked biscuit with an over easy egg and your choice of cheese served with a side of tots. 5.99
      • cheese choices: American, Cheddar, Pepperjack, Swiss
      • add your choice of protein for 2.00; hickory smoked bacon, house made sausage patty or thinly sliced ham.
    • Southern Style Biscuit Sami: A juicy breaded chicken filet topped with our country sausage gravy. 7.99
    • Chicken Fried Biscuit Sandwich: A jumbo baked biscuit with a hand breaded chicken fried steak topped with our country sausage gravy. 8.99
    • The Blackstone Mess: This biscuit sandwich is topped with a hand breaded chicken fried steak, an over easy egg, melted American cheese and our country sausage gravy. 9.99
  • Other Brunch Items Include:
    • Biscuits & Gravy: Jumbo, fresh baked biscuits smothered in our country sausage gravy. Large 5.99 | Small 3.99
    • Get Your Jam On: A jumbo fresh baked biscuit with your choice of Dickenson’s preserves. 2.99
      • Choose from Concord Grape, Pacific Mountain Strawberry, Seedless Marion Blackberry, Orange Marmalade or Dickenson’s Pure Honey.
    • Smothered Tots: A heaping platter of crispy tots, smothered in our country sausage gravy, topped with shredded cheese. 6.49

Brunch Drinks:

  • Mimosas
    • Bottomless (orange, cranberry, grapefruit, peach and pineapple) 16.00
    • Single 5.00
    • Delirium Beermosa: Delirium Tremens topped with OJ (8oz) 6.25
  • Bloody Marys
    • House: Chilies and peppers in this mix ups the flavor with a subtle spiciness, garnished with olives, celery lemon and lime. 5.00
    • Beer Bloody: We add a generous splash of Boulevard Wheat, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA or Old Rasputin Stout to our House Bloody Mary. 5.50
    • Get Back on that Horse: Made with citrus vodka, we are kicking up the flavor a notch with the addition of horseradish to the subtle spiciness of our chilies and peppers mix. 5.00
    • Get Pickled: Stoli cucumber vodka gives this drink a fresh cucumber flavor to balance the subtle spiciness of our chilies and peppers mix. 5.00
  • Hot Beverages
    • Hangover Tea: This tea bag has a unique blend of Chinese Herbs formulated to help nurse you back to feeling fabulous. 3.00
    • Hardy Coffee: Locally roasted. Proudly serving their Benchmark roast. Bottomless cup 3.00

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

    • February 16th – Brunch is a Drag
    • February 23rd – Blue Jay Brunch & Bus (to the game)
    • March 1st – National Peanut Butter Brunch Day!
    • March 8th – John Hughes Movie Trivia
    • March 15th – Brunch BINGO with Infusion Brewing Co.