Beer School

Know Your Beer

Earn Your Bachelors in Beer Study & Appreciation*

* Not accredited by any real organization. This is just for fun!

Twice a year Beertopia offers Beer School. Beer School is a seven week course designed to educate you on several aspects of beer and brewing. It costs $25 per session, or $175 for the full course. That’s way cheaper than just about any college courses, and they don’t serve delicious beer with their knowledge.

Each class you’ll be able to sample several beers, and we’ll explain the different styles of beer, brewery history, and much more.

Here is the tentative syllabus:

  • Week 1 – Brewery Tour
  • Week 2 – UK Beers
  • Week 3 – American Craft Beer
  • Week 4 – German Beer
  • Week 5 – Belgian Beer
  • Week 6 – Rare & Unusual Beers
  • Week 7 – Omaha Beer History

To signup, stop in to Beertopia and ask about Beer School, or give us a call and reserve your spot.