Do you carry Yeungling, Russian River? Can you special order them for me?

No. We would love to carry these brands, however these brands are not currently available to import/distribute in the state of Nebraska. Some may become available in the near future, but we cannot yet carry them. We know, it sucks.

How many beers in the store?

There are around 650+ craft beers from around the world packed into our little storefront. While we are limited by space, we have consistently found ways to expand our inventory and add new beers and new breweries regularly.

Do you sell kegs?

Yes. We do sell a variety of craft beer kegs. You can view a list of kegs available to order and pricing on the keg list page. Beertopia does require that all kegs are paid for at the time of the order. We have taps and tubs available for an addition deposit.

Keg – $30
Tap – $40*
Tub – $40

* We do not currently offer taps for German kegs.

Do you sell homebrew supplies?

Unfortunately we do not. While we would love to carry homebrew supplies, it simply won’t fit in our little store.

Do you sell Budweiser/Busch/Miller/Coors?

As a rule, we do not carry the larger domestic brands. We consider ourselves a beer boutique. We don’t typically carry the big domestic brands, as they are readily available at your local grocer or gas station.

How does the Beertopia Card work?

The Beertopia Card is our customer loyalty program. It essentially offers 5% store credit for your purchases*. As you accumulate rewards you’ll also become eligible for several rewards ranging from koozies, glassware, and t-shirts, all the way up to a trip to Oktoberfest in Germany. You can find more information on the Beertopia Rewards Card page.

* Excludes festival tickets and kegs

Do you sell gift cards?

We sure do. We can make a gift card for any amount.