Rewards Card

Our Beertopia Rewards Card is our way of offering a discount to our loyal customers. It’s free to get started, never expires, gives you 5% in store credit*, and allows you to get some really great rewards.

How exactly does it work?

  • For every dollar you spend, you get a reward point
  • For each 100 reward points you save, you can cash them in for $5 gift card, or $5 in-store credit.** (So 200 points = $10, 500 points = $25, etc.)
  • As you accumulate points, you get additional rewards when you cash in your points (see table below)

What are the rewards?

100 Points$5.00 Gift Card
200 Points$10.00 Gift Card + Beertopia Koozie
300 Points$15.00 Gift Card + Beer Glass of your choice (up to $3.00 value or $3 toward a glass of your choice)
500 Points$25.00 Gift Card + T-Shirt of your choice
1,000 Points$50.00 Gift Card + Beertopia Hoodie
4,000 PointsPersonalized Private Beer Tasting for up to 10 people at Max and Joe’s. Includes beer and snacks ($200 value)
5,000 Points$250 Gift Card + $25 Gift Card to Nebraska Brewing Co.
10,000 PointsTrip to Great American Beer Fest in Denver – includes 2 nights hotel, 2 tickets to GABF ($500 value)
80,000 PointsTrip to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – includes roundtrip airfare for 2 people, 6-nights hotel, 2 nights reserved seats at Oktoberfest with beer and dinner + brewery tour at Ayinger Brewery.

Next time you’re in the shop, ask to open a rewards card at check out.