Das Boot

2L of Beer Served in a Glass Boot

Rules of Das Boot:

  • The boot travels around the table clockwise
  • The boot’s toe must point away from the drinker, or drink again!
  • The boot cannot touch the table, or that person buys the next boot
  • The boot must be flicked with your finger before passing it, or drink again!
  • If the boot splashes the drinker, drink again!
  • When the boot is finished, the person who passed it buys the next boot

Haus Rules

  • No Doppelbock boots
  • One boot per group at a time
  • Credit card required for boot
  • $50 charge for a broken boot
  • $100 charge for stolen boots

There are 68oz (2L) in a boot, and boots are normally available for purchase in Beertopia.